Deal Advisory - Capital Raising & M&A

Consark has amassed extensive experience and expertise in capital raising and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Over the years, we have helped numerous clients secure substantial funding to fuel their growth initiatives, tapping into a wide range of funding sources and tailoring solutions to their unique needs. Our team of seasoned deal advisors excels in navigating the complexities of M&A transactions, ensuring seamless execution from deal origination to closing. We have facilitated strategic partnerships, divestitures, and mergers, leveraging our deep industry knowledge and meticulous due diligence processes to unlock maximum value for our clients. Our client-centric approach and commitment to excellence have earned us a reputation as a trusted partner, enabling us to forge enduring relationships with businesses seeking capital infusion or embarking on transformative M&A endeavors.

Our Approach –
Fund Raising and M&A

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Identifying key challenges and assistance in addressing them

Defining and devising a ‘Go to Market’ Strategy

Advise on appropriate capital structure

Initiation of the Transaction

Recent Select Transactions

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