Risk Assurance Management Features (ICoFR / SOX)

Track Controls
Track all your controls from a single application

Automated Testing
Our testing bots automate routine testing and throw out exceptions for further action

Track Accountability
Seamless monitoring and tracking of individual accountability

Ready-To-Use Templates
You can use pre-populated templates or create your own templates - all we want is to make it easier for you

Risk Management

Enable your audit teams to manage testing and audit with absolute ease. Set up a seamless workflow which gives real time access to all stakeholders with regard to audit by clearly placing onus on responsibility and accountability.

Some key features of this solution are
• Transparent workflows that give real-time updates on progress
• Access to controllership bots for automated testing
• Potential to develop further automated testing routines which can be deployed in a matter of days
• Customizable automated reporting mechanisms

Controllership Bots

Controllership bots can carry out extensive analytics and churn out real time insights into exceptions for due remediation.
• Choose your bespoke controllership bots which can be  deployed with short turn-around times
• Easy and simple to deploy with minimal front-end interaction
• Reduces man-hours put in by audit teams
• Extensive coverage of population rather than depending on a sampling strategy

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